sunchaser white

From: 50,000.00

Let’s Start Your Meeting
11 Recliner Seats
1 Queen Bed
Split Ac’s
Internet Available
Premium cinema system with Bose sound system.
GROUP Video Conferencing System


You can call it as you want – spontaneity, freedom, independence. Most important, however, is that at any time you can take the motorhome, or hook the caravan up to the car and go wherever you want. You can change your plans and nothing would happen if, instead of in Rome, you suddenly find yourself in Saint-Tropez. You are not dependent on hotel reservations, rigid tour programs, etc.

Caravanning is the perfect option for independent people, for restless spirits, who value freedom over comfort. Though let’s not exaggerate – the modern camping vehicles allow you to combine the hotel’s or house’s convenience with extraordinary mobility.

Comfortable equipment

If you think that spending time amongst nature equals pretty bad conditions, you are wrong.

In a modern camping vehicle hot water, toilet, shower, fridge and gas stove is a standard. Better equipped models also have an oven, microwave or coffee maker. Besides, you have an access to all those facilities also on the road.

Both on the campsite, as well as on the road, conditions can be way better than in a cheap hotel.


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